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Flexi-Walking is for clients who are looking for a dog walking service that can adapt to fit around a job or lifestyle that makes it difficult to commit to set days within a week.  If for instance you have a job that requires you to do different shifts each week, or your home schedule changes from week to week, then this is the ideal walking service for you!

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How it works…

*Contact me to arrange a free introductory/assessment walk.  If once we have all met, discussed you and your dogs needs and you are happy to go ahead with Flexi-Walking, we will then go over the Flexi-Walking contract. Once this is completed you are free to begin using the Flexi-Walking service!

*Clients wishing to use the Flexi-Walking service at Four Seasons Dog Walking would contact me at the end of the week, with the days they wish their dog to be walked for the following week and which walk they would prefer (10am or 1pm).

*Bookings can be made at any time and as far as 2-3 months in advance.

*Three days notice is required for the cancellation of a walk other wise the full charge applies. (The cancellation policy is specified in detail in the Terms and Conditions which a client receives via email when they have joined Four Seasons as a client.)

*All bookings for Flexi-Walking will be on a first come first served basis.

*Priority for pack walks will be given to customers wishing to book the normal set walking service.  If for instance the 10am walk were to fill up (6 dogs per pack walk) then we could alternatively discuss your dog joining the 1pm walk, having an individual walk or a home visit.

*Flexi-Walking is £10 per pack walk. Customers please note that as this service is usually one-off bookings unfortunately there is no discount offered for a booking of 5 days as there is with the normal walking service.

Please read my ‘Dog Walking Details’ (found on the menu bar) for more information on our walks and pricing.

Please feel free to contact me via phone or email with and questions or queries you may have!


Andrea Beveridge – 07806789050

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