Dog Walking Details

A walk with ‘Four Seasons Dog Walking’ includes a minimum of 50 minutes of exercise.


When out with my own dogs or my clients I take a pro-active and engaging leadership role. You will never catch me chatting away on my mobile whilst out with your dog! My attention and focus is always invested in your dog/s, and in being with the group. I vary our walking routes and locations in order to introduce them to new terrain (sandy beaches, woodland, parks, fields, water), as well as finding obstacles and encouraging them to always play interactive games such as ‘fetch’ and ‘seek’ which incorporate the repetition of basic commands such as ‘drop’ ‘sit’ and ‘wait’.

I do not ‘dump’ dogs back into their homes after the walk, but spend time settling them in, making sure they have everything they need (fresh water etc) and of course, being that we live in Scotland, I make sure they are dried!


*All new dogs are walked on-lead until I can access their recall level and am satisfied that we have bonded.

* Dog are only let off lead in safe areas, away from traffic and an off-lead disclaimer has been signed.

* Pack walks range from 4 to 7 dogs maximum depending on the individuals requirements and the group dynamic.

My goal is not only to exercise the body but to stimulate and engage their minds, so that at the end of the day your dogs is returned to you happy, contented and fulfilled.

If you require a more flexible dog walking service to fit in with a changeable work or home schedule then my Flexi -Walking service might suit you and your dog better! Please look at my ‘Flexi-Walking’ page (found on the menu bar) for more details!

Weekdays – 1/4 days per week £10

                           5 days per week £9


Weekends- £12 per walk

Each additional dog per household £8.00

Andrea Beveridge – 07806789050

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2 thoughts on “Dog Walking Details

  1. Hiya

    Sorry if I’m being stupid but just trying to get something clear in my head. If I pay for 5 days you only take my dog out once a day is that right? And return her home, you don’t keep her for the day?

    Best wishes,


    • Hello, sorry I don’t reply to comments on my page often as email is my main form of communication. Yes I pick the dogs up, walk them, and then return them home. Unless they are on a daycare service in which case they attend both walks before being returned home at roughly 3.30pm. I do not take dogs back to my home, which is why the daycare service I provide is only suited to very active dogs that need that extra hour of exercise! I hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,

      Andrea Beveridge

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