Catch up!!

Sorry for the long pause between posts my lovely followers. It has been a very VERY busy week! Lots to catch you up on!

First up, I had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday at the Victoria Stilwell ‘Inside Your Dogs Mind’ seminar held at Heriot-Watt Watt University. Victoria was an amazingly engaging speaker, warm, funny and clearly passionate about her work. The seminar was very interesting and informative and it was brilliant to hear such a well known trainer speak openly about issues I too am passionately against, such as puppy mills, breed specific legislation and of course harmful punitive training methods.  I would recommend anyone to go and see her when she returns to the UK. If you would like to know more about Victoria and her Positive Training methods please visit her facebook page


I had great company at the seminar also in the form of Miss Abigail from Paws N Pooches and Lorraine at Waggy Walks. Thanks for the great chats ladies! Hope to see you both again soon.

So what else has been happening this week…well our shipment of 42 tennis balls finally arrived, woohoo!!!

unnamed (1)

Do you think there are enough Gus? You don’t look (6)

Hmmm, which one to choose…

unnamed (2)unnamed

Maud playing ‘squish the Winston’.unnamed (18)unnamed (17)unnamed (15)

Some photos from a few weeks past, Hugo (the shiniest dog ever!!!) having snuggle time with Uncle John…unnamed (7)unnamed (8)unnamed (10)

Winston’s turn from John cuddles…I am so lucky my lovely other half loves dogs as much as I do! Otherwise, well lets not kid ourselves, he wouldn’t still be around 😉

unnamed (11) 

Winston and Molly playing their favourite game, ‘Neck-Nibbles’unnamed (14) 

We have had some truly spectacular days this last week, sun sun and more sun!!! Can’t get enough of it 😀

P1210582P1210578  P1210580  P1210582

Weeeeee!!! Chase me Ella, chase me!!!


It’s been so warm and sunny that Mr Honda has not even needed his sheepskin coat. Look at that lovely tiger-brindle, such a handsome lad.


Gus’s favourite ‘safety’ spot. My lovely boy, my shadow, my heart xxxx


Ella teasing Smudgy-boy, take the ball…if you can!!!


These photos say it all, how GORGEOUS is Edinburgh! Love it…


Molly enjoying a good game of chase with the others. Lovely to have her back with us for some walks last week.


Cooling down after running about on the hill.


Ahhhh…much better…


Maud chasing Molly in the garlic which is making a good come-back now the sun is out.P1210617P1210618P1210619 

Wee-man Hector making his way up the hill, cool as a cucumber…


Look at those amazing amber eyes, such a sweetie…


Yes, that is in fact a dog…no honest!

unnamed (16)

Rabbit Season…

We had a fabulous few days this week, stunning blue skies looking over our wonderful city and the best dogs ever to enjoy it with! Life doesn’t get much better than this!

P1210481 P1210486 P1210483 P1210485 P1210484

A very happy Collie 😀

P1210488P1210492  P1210494

Kobi has about two seconds before he is nailed by his silent Collie stalker…he is blissfully unaware!P1210493

Lovely Archie, what a handsome boy.P1210496

Can you spot Jess and Archie rabbit hunting on the hill?P1210497

Wee-man Hector doesn’t do ball games or rabbit hunting obviously, but we play ‘seek’ instead where he hunts for treats in the undergrowth. He is great at it, believe me he finds each and every one with that great nose of his!P1210498  P1210500

Friday morning out with Archie, Ella, Honda, Archie (2!) and Gena! Another spectacular day with more spectacular doggies.


Archie with his head down a hole, looking for the rabbit that just slipped his grasp! When he spotted it in the undergrowth he let out three high pitched barks which I can only assume meant ‘RABBIT, RABBIT, RABBIT!!’ as all the working breeds in the field dashed to his side! Myself and the other dog walkers couldn’t help but smile at the call to arms being answered so swiftly, who says the working breeds turned house pets have lost their instincts! Cue one very spooked rabbit dashing out across the field with at least six Labradors and Archie closing in on his fluffy tail! Don’t worry rabbit lovers, the little buck toothed mammal in question made it safely back to his burrow. Much to Archie’s disgust!


Louis and Maud having a good wrestle!P1210516

Beards and tongues flapping in the wind.P1210519P1210520

How cute are these guys all swimming together! Almost reminds me of summer last year….fingers crossed we have another one on the way! Please, please, please!!!



Stopped pad emergency…



Well what a day we had! We had ourselves a little emergency vet visit, the lovely Hugo tore off his stopped pad tearing through the undergrowth, OUCH! He was an exceptionally brave boy, right up until he had it bandaged, and then oh boy did he sulk!! Evil leg contraption, why have you done this to me?!? Poor boy will be out of commissioned until it’s all healed. Rest up lovely boy xXx


Down at the river today, we had a feeling of being watched!

P1210447 P1210453

This morning it was too wet for photos so I grabbed a quick few snaps back at the car. This is pre Hugo’s vet trip, he was not even showing that he was bothered by his flesh wound. Still munching treats from myself. Hard core pup!

P1210455 P1210457

What stopper pad? I don’t know what you’re talking about, give me another cookie 😉


After our detour to the vets (during which Hugo’s pals were very well-behaved patient boys and girls) we headed up to the hill where the sun was ready to meet us! P1210460P1210463

We met Gus today, as in Gus the Great Dane! One very large doggie! As you can see Maud and Molly were super intimidated….not.

P1210464 P1210465

A beautiful day in the woods…

P1210466 P1210470 P1210472 P1210475 P1210468 P1210479

Muddy waters…

Friday! Loads of fun with all the puppies today. Chocolate lab fest this morning!


Of course they find the only muddy puddle in the field and make a bee-line for it!! I didn’t even try to stop them.


Splash, splash, splash. Fun, fun, fun…P1210429

Louis met Hugo today, instant friends of course. I think the conversation went something like this…

‘Hey! I like to run!’

‘No way!! Me too!!!’

‘Lets run together!’


Treat time back at the Beveridge household! Have a lovely weekend everyone! xxxP1210445

Ball games and mud puddles…

A catch up of the week so far!

Ella has made off with the ball, run honey run!



P1210176 P1210178 P1210179

Smudges new haircut looks super cute, and Ella likes it too!!

P1210181 P1210182

Interesting smells has everyone’s attention…


What is that aroma??


Mmmm grass, today I am a herbivore…P1210186

Yeah the grass is ok, but you should really try this stick it’s delicious!!! P1210187

Car faces; Maud’s ‘Are we there yet?’ face. Too cute!

P1210190 P1210191

Any chance of a biscuit for the journey?


Yeah, me too please…

P1210194 P1210196

Ball games on the hill…

P1210198 P1210199

Maud, Maud, Maud….she just can’t help herself! Loves a mud puddle…

P1210201 P1210202

Now that’s a happy face!

P1210206 P1210207 P1210209 P1210210

Mr Lenny looking regal as always…

P1210212 P1210213

Go team!