It’s freezing!!!

My god the weather hasn’t half turned!! It was freezing this morning, I definitely need gloves now! And so begins the search for waterproof gloves that are not extortionate!

Even though its freezing though the woods still look spectacular.

P1190802 P1190804

New bandannas!! Glowing for the winter πŸ™‚

P1190813 P1190815

This morning it was very foggy as well as bitterly cold! The new neon snoods are shining through the gloom though, awesome πŸ™‚


Molly is about ready for another haircut I think! Shaggy dog πŸ™‚


Hahaha, good crazy eyes Smudge πŸ˜€


Now this is a spooky shot! Just need a gravestone in the background and we could be on the set for Thriller.

P1190824 P1190826 P1190828

No honestly Ella, there are no ghosts at the top of the steps…


Walking with our lovely friends and their leader Kia who owns and operates ‘Understanding Dogs’. (


Back at home and its such a cold night that the dogs have their p.js on. No laughing!! We have nice cosy doggies who are not paying one bit of attention to the fireworks outside.

P1190856 P1190854

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