No excuses…

Ok, ok…I’m not even going to try and make excuses for my long absence. What can I say? We are very, very busy puppies!! I am not going to ask for forgiveness either, I’m just gonna bombard you with post upon post of cutie-patootie doggie photos!! The super-duper cuteness will win you over I have no doubts 😀

Start us off with the cutness Hugo, work thoes “Love me” eyes!

IMG_6056[1]IMG_6055[1] IMG_6057[1] IMG_6124[1]

My darling girl was deep in her ‘Chewbacca’ stage haha! Looking slick after her much needed haircut! IMG_6200[1]

My doggies are not spoiled….nope nope….IMG_6123[1]

Gus and his bestest friend! IMG_6377[1]

Everyone look to the right lol! IMG_6378[1]

Beautiful days in Edinburgh, how I love this city! IMG_6379[1]

The most handsome baby-munchkin! Giorgie looking good! IMG_6380[1]

Wind-swept Smudgy-boy!


Super cute kisses from Archie to Gus. xxxIMG_6382[1]

Double-trouble, the boys brigade lol! IMG_6624[1]

Sunshine in the snowdrops. IMG_6625[1] IMG_6626[1] IMG_6628[1] IMG_6629[1] IMG_6630[1]

Does Gus’s face make for a comfy ass-cushion Molly?? IMG_6697[1]

Total posers 😀

IMG_6714[1] IMG_6715[1] IMG_6716[1] IMG_6717[1]

More Bulldogs!!! All the bulldogs yey!!! And of course photo-bombing Archie hehehe! IMG_6794[1]

My snuggle-bug, burrowed in like a tick! IMG_6143[1]

The hardcore team, keep up with us if you can! IMG_6805[1]

Molly playing with her boyfriend, who is ever so obliging and lets her win 😉 IMG_6806[1]

I love my squishy-faced grump bag! IMG_6996[1]

Gus helping me out with thanking my amazing customers for being, well….amazing!!! IMG_6723[1]


Chasing Tails part II…..

Oh my goodness we might actually have caught up on all our photographs from the last few weeks!! Imagine that! Just remember folks if you want to see the daily photo posts please feel free to follow us on Instagram at ‘andreajackalleg’ or search for #fourseasonsdogwalkingedinburgh on instagram and we will come up!

Molly (or Blondie as I like to call her 😀 ) loves climbing, running and in general having winding all her boy-toys up haha! She loves a good game of chase or wrestle and the boys are more than happy to oblige!

unnamed (68)

Trying to distract Louis from playing with the ball! “Chase me instead Louis!”

unnamed (3)

Having a fantastic wrestling game with Archie and Smudge. So cute!

unnamed (12)


unnamed (13)

The forests are looking spectacular right now, explosions of colour everywhere.  Autumn is a beautiful time of year, sigh…unnamed (65)

unnamed (20)unnamed (7)

The gang at Squirrel Alley…

unnamed (67) unnamed (59) unnamed (58)


Oh wait, its just Olly playing with a stick hehehe 😀 unnamed (48)

I love this photo, Ella and Ruben look like they are having a good old gossip 😀

unnamed (54) unnamed (2)

Spaniels and their heart melting eyes…they could get away with murder 😉

unnamed (4) unnamed (8)

Follow the leader!

unnamed (21)

My little Ewoks need a fringe trim teehee 😉

unnamed (5)

Honda paddling even in this weather! He is as gentle and wonderful as always xx

unnamed (9)

Baby Giorge is fast loosing his puppish looks, he will be a big-boy before we know it!


Poor Colin cut his pad on one of our walks last week and needed stitches 😦 Until he was all healed up we have been visiting him at home, which he was not so impressed with I have to say! On his mini walk around the block (with a waterproof boote on to protect his bandage) the tough wee lad kept trying to drag me to my car!  “Why aren’t we going walking?! I’m totally fine!!” Major guilt trip!! But needs must I’m afraid!! I’m slightly redeemed in his eyes by bringing cheese slices and beef twists! ‘Hmpf, well if that’s the best you can do Auntie Andie…I suppose your forgiven…maybe.”

unnamed (14)

Louis, I think its super flattering that you only have eyes for me…but do you ever wonder why the others are pretty good at ambushing you? Lmao!!

unnamed (10)unnamed (62)

Woohoo!!! We did it!! Thats us all caught up folks. Time for bed, where we dream of tomorrows adventures with all our beloved friends xxx

unnamed (12)unnamed (11)

Introducing Honda…

YES!!!! I have finally managed to fix my blog, thank goodness for that!! Here is a catch up of the last few days. I am also very happy to introduce the latest Four Seasons crew member, Honda! Honda is a nine-year old Greyhound and a complete sweetheart. Like most sight hounds he is required to were a racing muzzle, this is in no way an indication of his nature. He is used to wearing his very snazzy blue muzzle and is completely at ease with it. He loves cuddles and affection and we are very happy to have him as part of the team. Welcome Honda!








P1200345     P1200357


The Maud-Squad…



My time with Archie and Gena is coming to an end and I will be so sad when it does! It has been a pleasure staying with them, as you can see they are a real handful…not 😉 Snuggle munchkins!!


‘There was four in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over…’


Tuesday/Wednesday catchup…

So sorry folks for crunching these two blogs posts together! I have been getting home quite late these last few nights and once I have fed the doggies, then myself, then tidied, then bathed I am pretty much cream crackered!! I have however managed to finish a drawing (yey!) and will post that up once I have had it scanned properly 🙂 Anyway on with the doggie antics!!


Well on Tuesday I had four whirlwind doggies!! They were all so hyper, even the other walkers in The Dell were laughing as Murphy, Rambo, Ella and Smudge whizzed passed at a million miles an hour! I still managed to get a few photos though on their rare moments of sitting 😀


The boys chasing each other up and down the hills…


Ella cooling her paws…


Rambo’s super happy face haha!




Love this photo! Definitely one for the album…



Today we had little Binky join us for the walk. Binky has  been out with us once before. She must have had good memories of her walk with us all those months ago as she was much less shy this time around and even though it was a bit wet and muddy today it didn’t stop her smiling!

Oh is it biscuit time already smudge?


Ehh….hang on, where did you come from? Your not part of the group haha. A happy waggy rogue biscuit taker hehe 😉 Its Cocoa’s boyfriend!





Little Binky roughing it with the other big dogs 😉


Lunch time with Maud, we have so been enjoying our cuddles!


Err Maud honey, that’s my shoe! Your toys are behind you cheeky, hehehe 🙂


Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine,sunshine,sunshine, sunshine….

Today felt like a gift from the universe after these last few months of snow! That’s Scotland in a nutshell for you, months of freezing temperatures and snow then out of nowhere glorious sunshine, you will hear no complaints from us! Enjoy it while you can folks!

The steps on the way up to Craiglockhart Hill…



Found a lovely woodland throne for Prince Smudge 🙂



Heavenly blue skies!


On your marks, get set, go!



Our playground above the city…



Lovely little Maisie has grown up! And loves the water!




Taking a moment to just enjoy the sunshine at The Dell.


After a day of walking Gus, Molly and I relax in the back garden, you could almost believe summer is on its way! Yipee!!