Summer dreaming…

Yes, we are STILL working through the summer photos! What can I say, I take A LOT of photos lol! It it nice with the weather turning cold now and the clocks about to go back (boo to dark mornings, wah!) to look back on all that gorgeous weather we had. Everyone complains about it at the time, hindsight is a bit of a b*tch aye 😉 hehe…

Without further adieu… I’ll start the reminiscing with a group shot bonanza! img_77801

I love this one…


I spy a newbie! Mr Koby the Black Labrador who joins us at the weekend on occasion. He is a happy-go-lucky ball obsessed sweetheart ❤ img_78391img_78441



Super cute two-some Giorge and Myla…img_84401

Murray, Olly and Bramble enjoying a game of chase…img_85161

Little and large Terrier buddies ❤img_85171

Fuzzy nose ❤


Bramble is always up for it, ‘Bring it on boys!’ 😉 img_85181img_85211

Olly and Smudge, two of my oldest clients. These two lads have been with me from the very beginning. It makes me so proud to have had such long term clients, to be able to continue watching these amazing dogs whom I love, grow from pups into such beloved friends.


Snoozing amongst all the wedding decorations …Gus thinks Molly’s head makes the perfect foot warmer. img_85381

Another of my absolute favs from this summer ❤img_85561img_85901

Myla and ‘her’ lads…img_85891

Kobi hanging with the big-boys group ximg_85571img_85921

That gorgeous greenery is going to be sorely missed…img_86021img_85911img_86031

After work we do like our snoozing! I’m a bit partial to joining them haha! Well after 9-10 miles of hills I don’t think anyone could begrudge us a little power nap 😉 img_86041

Cocoa-Bean! We miss this lady all the time and LOVE it when she comes to visit ❤ ❤ img_86441

Lovely athletic girls xximg_86661

Nothing beats that ‘wind in your hair’ kinda day!img_86671

Archie and Myla


We will finish with Miss Bean-Weasel doing her very best meerkat impression, funny girl! img_86751


Snot Zombie…

Ugg….first cold of the season and I feel like a snot filled zombie :S

Couldn’t ask for better dogs to spend my sick morning with though, they all had the perfect opportunity to run riot with my brain and body not functioning at full capacity! But instead the sweethearts basically chaperoned me around the walks, keeping a close eye on me and giving me kisses at every opportunity. Bless…..I was not so sick though that I could not appreciate what a beautifully stunning morning it was up on Blackford Hill. And where did this heat come from!? Ok it’s not 30 degrees (thank goodness) but the we are definitely experiencing summer’s last breath I feel. Enjoying it while it lasts!

Now at home wrapped up and on the Beechams Gus, Molly and Elvi are lying next to me and across my feet keeping me warm. There is just no other way to say it……DOG ARE AWESOME!!!

Sniff, sniff…… x


Elvi enjoying the view….

P1190296 P1190298

Colin photo-bombing Ella and Winston’s shot hehe 🙂


Tongues out!


Cocoa blocking Colin’s head shot for a kiss!


Cocoa you couldn’t look any more mental if you tried haha!

P1190305 P1190306

Nom, nom, nom….frisbee tastes good!


Elvi enjoying a roll down the hill….


“Andie you’re not looking too good, how about another kiss??”


Coming back to check on me again, sweethearts!

P1190313 P1190316


Sweet faces…

P1190318 P1190319 P1190320 P1190321

Winston loves his swimming 🙂

P1190325 P1190326