Gus and Molly do Scotland (Part 1.)



Well it has been a very eventful week! We simply cannot wait to see all our friends tomorrow!!Yippee!!!

Here a little blog post on what we did with our time off, we would just like to take a moment to promote the amazingly wonderful Dugs N Pubs folks, whose fantastic website helped us plan our amazing camping trip! If you haven’t visited it already, get yourselves over there to ogle all the amazing trips and places you can visit with you four-legged best friends!

First stop for us was Belhaven Bay. It was an amazing weekend weather wise with the first day being one of the hottest! The sun shone until the very last-minute, it was stunning and we had a blast rolling about in the sand and enjoying the epic blue skies. All this and only 40mins drive from Edinburgh!!!

P1220468 P1220469

Happy sunbathers…


Yes don’t mind me guys, just have a wrestle right next to my face…ta!


My BEAUTIFUL girl. Words simply cannot describe how much I love my fuzzy teddy-bear.

P1220476 P1220477

The big-man posing for me. He knows how to work the camera!


Sun setting over Belhaven Bay.

P1220483 P1220484

After breaking camp the next destination was Tyninghame Beach! It was not a sunny but believe me it was hot!! I so wish I had brought my swimming costume! The water was crystal clear and so inviting.

P1220488 P1220489 P1220490

You could be forgiven for forgetting you were in Scotland here, this stunning stretch of coast looked more like New Zealand!


Fluffy teddy paws in water 😀


Molly-moo swimming in the sea…with just a little encouragement 😉


Gus as you can tell is not up for it haha! Though he did have a little paddle with Mums help and support. He is not the most confident in the water, though it is the fastest way to cool a hot doggie.


Thanks to a lovely local lady we met out on the beach walk we were directed to this fantastic wild camp ground just over the ridge from the beach. Gorgeous….


Molly the next morning refusing to get up! After two days of extensive beach walks my two munchkins were very sleepy and more than happy to laze about in their sleeping bags whilst I read my book 🙂

P1220503 P1220508

After our super lazy morning we then broke camp and carried on along the coast to visit Tantallon Castle! I have to boast just a little bit now, the lovely man at the front desk said that although the dogs were perfectly welcome (on-lead) into the castle it has steep steps, and so we would probably not be able to see it all as the dogs may struggle. Did they heck!! My doggies got loads of attention from other tourists, taking photos of them as we climbed all over this amazing relic. My darlings were beyond well-behaved, wowing the men who were there to supervise visitors with their calm and obedient behaviour. Proving once again that your dogs are at their happiest when they are with you and will overcome any obstacle as long as you are there to guide and support them. They relished the challenging terrain, Gus especially was loving bouncing all over the castle and insisted that I lift him up to look out over the surrounding coast when the walls were too high. He even asked to be lifted to look down the staggering 36foot deep well!! (And no need to worry folks I had a firm hand on him each time so he was in absolutely no danger)  They took the whole thing completely in their stride. I couldn’t be prouder, I could have burst with pride!

P1220511 P1220519

‘None shall pass!’


At the top, ‘Yup check us out Mum, climbed the castle, like a boss!!’

P1220528 P1220524

A stunning boxer we met outside Tantallon Castle, ‘Please come and play with me!’


Next stop, North Berwick!

P1220547 P1220546

Exploring the man-made swimming pool on North Berwick beach. What a lovely sea-side town, could happily live there! Such a beautiful part of the world in general, everyone should head here at some point for a fantastic doggie day out! We even had lunch and a pint at the dog friendly pub ‘The Ship Inn’ situated in the town centre about ten mins walk from the beach. All in all we had an amazing camping trip and I will be returning to this area for sure! Perhaps with some of clients doggies at the weekend when we have time, after all its only about a half hour drive away from Edinburgh! Look out North Berwick we will be back! xxx

P1220553 P1220555




On tour with Smudge and Ella…

This weekend John and I headed down to Stoke-on-Trent to visit with family and took the lovely Ella and Smudge with us. They were perfect angels throughout the drive and when meeting all the family members including their two dogs Poppy and Mabel. The were just fantastic companions on the trip and we had the best time ever together! Everybody loved them and compliments were showered down on them about how sweet, calm and well-behaved they were. Smudge and Ella are quite literally, little stars!

Ella all snuggled up on their bed and secured in to the doggie seat belts, safety first!



Are we there yet??


Running free after the drive in Poppy’s back garden…ahem field!



Nice digs Poppy!


Off to meet Mabel next…’Hi Miss Mabel!’


Enjoying a pit-stop and some lunch under the trees…


Sunday is a good beach day!


Getting some love from Ella!




Get ready to feel jealous….

It was GORGEOUS outside today. After months of horrid winter weather (that lasted far longer than it should have!) we were finally basking in beautiful sunshine today. A perfect day for the beach, a perfect day to be a dog walker. Happy, happy, happy, happy……The photos say it all!















Smudge was my side-kick today, he came everywhere with me! He is just superb with all dogs, totally reliable in pretty much every situation! “Look how well-behaved I am being in the car Mum!”


Introducing the gorgeous Lochey who will be joining us for afternoon walks. This boy is so handsome, sweet and huge!! He is gonna be a big boy, he is the size of an adult Labrador already and is only 5months! I’m in love…


The lovely cross in this photo was so sweet and playful, he and Lochey had a good wrestle 🙂




Smudge and Lochey are fast friends already 😀