Stopped pad emergency…



Well what a day we had! We had ourselves a little emergency vet visit, the lovely Hugo tore off his stopped pad tearing through the undergrowth, OUCH! He was an exceptionally brave boy, right up until he had it bandaged, and then oh boy did he sulk!! Evil leg contraption, why have you done this to me?!? Poor boy will be out of commissioned until it’s all healed. Rest up lovely boy xXx


Down at the river today, we had a feeling of being watched!

P1210447 P1210453

This morning it was too wet for photos so I grabbed a quick few snaps back at the car. This is pre Hugo’s vet trip, he was not even showing that he was bothered by his flesh wound. Still munching treats from myself. Hard core pup!

P1210455 P1210457

What stopper pad? I don’t know what you’re talking about, give me another cookie 😉


After our detour to the vets (during which Hugo’s pals were very well-behaved patient boys and girls) we headed up to the hill where the sun was ready to meet us! P1210460P1210463

We met Gus today, as in Gus the Great Dane! One very large doggie! As you can see Maud and Molly were super intimidated….not.

P1210464 P1210465

A beautiful day in the woods…

P1210466 P1210470 P1210472 P1210475 P1210468 P1210479

No snow today! Snow tomorrow!

Apparently there is snow forecast for tomorrow!! Well it was a bit chilly out today, but the sun was streaming and according to the radio it was 8 degrees so how it is gonna snow tomorrow I have no idea! But then again that’s Scotland for you!  Raining with blue skies above, completely normal. Sleet falling on one half of the park but not on the other, yup happens all the time. Billy Connelly had it right when he said you never know what to wear as the weather changes every five minutes!! Which is why I have about three different back up outfits in my car. Everything except shorts and flip-flops….


Love this photo!


Mollydog is due a haircut! She is back in her Chewbacca faze…P1210270 P1210272

‘On the rivers of babylon…’



See, sunshine!! And one happy Louis 😀 P1210275P1210277

Almost a perfect photo, if Maud wasn’t hiding and my stupid shadow wasn’t in the way!


The gang are bored of photo’s now and dash off to explore the woods! P1210280 P1210282 P1210283 P1210284

Time for a dip! Maud will not be out-done by a Labradoodle!

P1210285 P1210286 P1210287 P1210289

Archie has been hunting all through-out the walk, just popping him on-lead to get him past the shale hills at Blackford where he likes to chase rabbits for a good 15/20mins! Don’t think he was too bothered though, he was pretty knackard by this point! Archie is one fit Spaniel that’s for sure!



A quick catch up for the end of the week. It has been a busy one and boy are we tired! I have a very sleepy household here at the moment!

Hugo is a BIG fan of Winter swimming…hard core!


The lovely L.V. is not as ‘ahem’, brave shall we say, as Hugo and keeping her feet firmly on the banks!


Smudge is rockin the poofy look 😀


It’s acts just like velcro for the undergrowth hahaha!

P1200990   P1200997

Ella stalking her boyfriend Smudge…


I have been meaning to take a photo of Archie and Hugo together for a while. They are sadly not on the same walks though they do get to spend a little time together every now and then on car rides. How cute they are together. Go tream Cocker Spaniel!


Eyes that would melt any heart!

P1210005 P1210006

Blue skies that’s what we like to see!


Lovely Lenny…


Introducing Honda…

YES!!!! I have finally managed to fix my blog, thank goodness for that!! Here is a catch up of the last few days. I am also very happy to introduce the latest Four Seasons crew member, Honda! Honda is a nine-year old Greyhound and a complete sweetheart. Like most sight hounds he is required to were a racing muzzle, this is in no way an indication of his nature. He is used to wearing his very snazzy blue muzzle and is completely at ease with it. He loves cuddles and affection and we are very happy to have him as part of the team. Welcome Honda!








P1200345     P1200357


The Maud-Squad…



My time with Archie and Gena is coming to an end and I will be so sad when it does! It has been a pleasure staying with them, as you can see they are a real handful…not 😉 Snuggle munchkins!!


‘There was four in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over…’


Muddy tails…

Forgive me folks for the lack of comentary today, I’m shattered! Having a very early night tonight 😉 We all had very nice walks today, though it would be nice if the frost could come back as the parks are SUPER muddy without it!
P1200134P1200137P1200138P1200139P1200142P1200145P1200147P1200149P1200151P1200153P1200154P1200158Gena and Arhcie are enjoying their new stag bars this evening, nom, nom, nom…. 😀P1200168