Four Seasons in One Day…


The weather today was totally crazy!! We got caught this afternoon in a flash hail/rain storm . It was so crazy, the dogs (Molly and Lochey) were freaking out with the wind and hail stones so I hunkered down with my back to the wind and sheltered them against the worst of it until it passed. Yup that’s me, the human shield for doggies ha ha!! Can’t imagine what other people must have thought!! I don’t really care though, Molly was not a happy girl and as soon as I put my arms out she rushed into them and pressed her head against my chest to hide from the hail stones. Bless her! Lochey then pressed himself against her other side, such a gentleman! Back home, dry clothes, heating on, blankets!!



A quick catch up from this weekend. Winston joined us for Day-Care on Saturday. Don’t let these next photos fool you, we spent the morning running around the hills in the rain. We earned these cuddles in bed!

Winston with my partner John. He loves John, all dogs love John! He is just one of those people…





I had two walks this weekend with this lovely boy. Tostig…such a beautiful boy! Though he was not the biggest fan of the camera! I had to take about ten shots to get just one where he was half looking at me. Very camera-shy, bless!



Not impressed by my attempts to take a photo of his looking at me! He was far too sensible for this nonsense πŸ˜€



A very intelligent, clever and well-balanced dog. His owners have done a brilliant job with his training and socialization. It is especially impressive considering how challenging this breed is. Intelligent and high energy (as a generalization) this is not a breed for the faint hearted.Β  He is now my number one favourite Husky!



A Game of Fetch…

Not as sunny a day today but we still had a lovely walk at Cammo Estate Park. Today Archie, Geena, Smudge, Rambo and Ella were all mad for chasing the ball! And I am pleased to say I have finally found one that does not disintegrate in one hour! We almost lost it in a deep muddy puddle but Archie saved the day by sticking his great big nose right under the water and retrieving it, what a dog!



Happy pack walking together πŸ™‚


Geena beats the boys to the ball!


How happy is Archie in this photo haha!




Too cute, yes that definitely earns you a biscuit πŸ™‚



Couldn’t resist a photo of Smudge and Ella in the snowdrops πŸ™‚



Ball junkies…

Cocoa Bean and Ella ran the equivalent of a marathon today up and down Blackford Hill chasing their ball. Thank goodness someone invented the ball throwing device, other wise my arm would be hanging on by a thread!

We met Β many lovely dog owners today and their dogs, including a beautiful family group of friendly Dalmatians πŸ™‚ It was very cold as usual but the dappled sunshine made the Edinburgh sparkle. I love this city…

Arthur’s Seat from Blackford Hill…


Rocky paths…no Cocoa I will not be throwing the ball here!Β P1160163

Ella the mountain goat!

P1160167 P1160169 P1160171

Top of the world…


The gang are totally awesome at waiting for me to put their leads on, as soon as I put my bag on the floor they all happily come over for cuddles and biscuits whilst their leads are clipped on. Then they wait patiently until I put my bag back on and then its off to the car. Such a delight to walk these guys!


Cocoa is totally pooped now! It takes a lot to tire out the bean weasel (one of her many nick names)!


The battle for the blue ball…

Today was most definitely an improvement on yesterdays weather, I have never been so soaked in all my life…..well ok it may have just felt like that! Even the pooches had had enough after about twenty minutes of crazy running around!

Today the snow was gentle and even though there was an epic amount of mud I managed to stay upright! The doggies had a blast today, we met loads of our friends up on Craiglockhart Hill and they played with the blue squeaker ball for well over our usual hour. What can I say, that’s the power of the blue ball! It’s the only toy that has survived for two years in our toy box and remains a firm favourite of Gus’s especially πŸ™‚ He was very kind to loan it to the others today!

Marvin is king of the hill!


Smudge saying, ‘Get the ball out, I know its in your bag!’


Gentle snow fall πŸ™‚


The Blue Ball game begins!


Cocoa trying to keep it out of the others reach!


Marvin’s turn!



Now Rambo is on the run with it πŸ˜€


Smudge telling me that Marvin has had a long enough turn hehe πŸ˜‰


Back in the warmth Maud and I played with the kong today, as usual she quickly figured out what the point of the exercise was! Hit and nudge the kong and food comes out! Oh yes, sorted!





Crazy Weather!!!

I can’t believe it we woke up to a blizzard this morning! We ditched the car early on and took to the park on foot, we were probably moving faster than the traffic that way anyway! The doggies took the weather in their stride but I still can’t get over how mental it was today! It was snowing then sunny, then snowing again before we had even made it round one lap of the park!





First in the park! Doggie tracks πŸ™‚