Down and out…

Well sadly I suppose it was bound to happen at some point in my career! Being out and about on the hills all day everyday, one day I was bound to hurt myself! Actually my family know me as one … Continue reading

Mud-Pie and Bluebells…

It has been a little while since my last post, we have started building up some footage of our walks again for another little Four Seasons Movie! So watch this space! I was inspired to make another one after watching the amazing youtube clip below. I have to admit pretty openly that this video is amazing and I’m WELL jealous!!! I think that its a better music video for Pharrell’s song ‘Happy’ than the official one! Plus that cat must literally be the coolest cat that ever lived, surfing and swimming like a dog…oh yeah!

We are enjoying the springtime sunshine when we can get it!


Mister Ruben was sporting a sore shoulder last night. Even though he was fine this morning and bouncing around like his typical Boxer-pup self we though it best to have a leash walk today…colour Ruben none too impressed!! Its just to be on the safe side puppy honest! Back to normal tomorrow!


Lush green woods…

P1220218 P1220224

Everything is so beautiful this time of year!! What you can’t see in these photos is the sheer number of bugs though :/ My legs (and weirdly my ahem….bum) are COVERED in bites…..ARG!!! SO ITCHY!!

P1220226 P1220228 P1220229 P1220230 P1220231

Maud and Colin make a bee-line for the muddiest puddle! Part dog, part hippo…


Proud as punch with herself now!

P1220235 P1220237 P1220240

Molly whizzing past, I’m surprised I managed to take a photo of her at all 😉


Enjoying some dappled shade…


Everyone with their head in a bush….

P1220245 P1220246 P1220248

Off to play chase in the paddock, woohoo!!!


Some Bluebell shots from the start of the week…

P1220208 P1220215



Today we had a newbie start with us, the adorable five month old Maisie. We went on a solo walk just her and I and oh my goodness that baby girl seriously put me through my paces! She has more energy than a bag of bees! I really feel like I have done a proper work out at the gym haha.  Spaniel x Labrador, Maisie will really make sure her parents are super fit dog owners hehe.  Maisie showed me today that she is looking to learn, is super curious about everything and was very game motivated, no surprise there! A very typical happy puppy 🙂 She loves to play fetch so much so that she even braved the waters at The Dell today up to her chest! One brave pup, I recon she will be swimming along with Cocoa before long 😉

“I is super cute!” 😀


Inside the mind of a puppy;

“Sand is AWESOME!!”


“Sticks are AWESOME!!”


“Walks are AWESOME!! Come on, hurry up!”


Braving the water, one paw at a time…


“This isnt so bad! I’m going in deeper!”


Hope you sleep tonight munchkin, I know I will!