Well it was bound to happen, I have now acclimatized to the heat and am now dreading it going away!!! Which of course being Scotland it inevitably will have to 😦 Waah! Every time I hear someone  complain about the sun and asking for rain I am like, ‘SSSShhhhh!!! Don’t say that!! This is the best summer ever!’ One of the reasons I think this is the best summer ever is that is is warm enough for me to go swimming with the dogs! I was loving splashing around with my guys at both Cramond Beach and The Braid yesterday. Its lovely to be in the water, I just love wild swimming anyway. It is made even better when you can play with dogs at the same time! I did get some odd looks from the public yesterday, ‘What? Have you never seen a lady swimming with four dogs before? You know you wanna jump in here and cool down with us!’ Hehehe 😀

Geena enjoying the water…

P1180260 P1180258 P1180261 P1180262 P1180263

Hamish having a paddle…

P1180265 P1180269 P1180263

Yey, swimming! I’m coming in too guys 😀

P1180273 P1180274 P1180278 P1180281 P1180276

Gus says, ‘This is how friggin hot it is today!!’ Audible sizzle……

P1180282 P1180286 P1180289

Lochey enjoying a good old splash around!

P1180290 P1180292 P1180291

As long as there is water this is GORGEOUS weather! And long may it continue!!!



The Best Summer Ever!!

Monday morning and its time to charge the camera!!!

Oops!! Took so many photos over the weekend that I now need to charge the camera battery! Managed these two cool shots before it died! Happy Monday everyone!

P1180200 P1180205

On tour with Smudge and Ella…

This weekend John and I headed down to Stoke-on-Trent to visit with family and took the lovely Ella and Smudge with us. They were perfect angels throughout the drive and when meeting all the family members including their two dogs Poppy and Mabel. The were just fantastic companions on the trip and we had the best time ever together! Everybody loved them and compliments were showered down on them about how sweet, calm and well-behaved they were. Smudge and Ella are quite literally, little stars!

Ella all snuggled up on their bed and secured in to the doggie seat belts, safety first!



Are we there yet??


Running free after the drive in Poppy’s back garden…ahem field!



Nice digs Poppy!


Off to meet Mabel next…’Hi Miss Mabel!’


Enjoying a pit-stop and some lunch under the trees…


Sunday is a good beach day!


Getting some love from Ella!




Thursday, Friday catch-up…

A quick catch-up on Thursday and Friday last week. We were so busy preparing to go down south this weekend that I could not find the time to get these posted but its all good, here we go!

Thursday morning with Ella, Hector, Smudge, Olly and Cocoa (left to right).



Hector has decided that Ella is his girl, awww a little romance!P1180077P1180078

River kings!


Back at home after a fun day out and I decide to make catch up on a bit of house work and make the bed. No sooner had I added the last cushion than this lot jump straight up as if I had made it specially just for them! Cheeky middens! 😉P1180090

Friday at Cramond…


Another two-headed dogs!! No don’t worry its actually just Archie and Geena competing for the ball!


Lovely to see Lochey back after a long absence due to holidays etc. Look how much he has grown! 33kgs and counting 😀P1180108

Gus cooling down on a very hot afternoon…P1180113P1180115

Hmm… Lochey you are supposed to bring the ball back to me….ok I can see we will need to work more on this next week haha!P1180117