Busy bees…

We have a lot to catch up on from the last few weeks! So without further ado lets get started!

Prince Boo-boo looking super handsome to start us off on another photo megathon!


Waterfall photo shoot with Archie and Ella ๐Ÿ˜€

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It was my lad Gus’s 4th Birthday this week. We celebrated with walks with all our friends and venison cheese burgers! I feel so lucky to have Gussy in my life, this cool little grump-bag is my whole word. Love you baby xxx


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Gus’s Birthday walk with friends…

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Molly-moo had her hair cut this week also at Christines (http://www.christinesdogparlour.co.uk/). Here are some before and after photos! She is loving her summer cut, much cooler for these muggy days we seem to be having no end of!

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At home in the evening with Archie and Ella.

‘There were four in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over!’


Playing chase on Blackford Hill, hoping the storm clouds blow over!!

unnamed (24)

Fuzzy boys together ๐Ÿ™‚

unnamed (27)

We love our walks on the Observatory, Edinburgh is gorgeous!

unnamed (28)

Paradise walks…

unnamed (44)

Honda cooling his hot heels ๐Ÿ˜€

unnamed (25)

Everything is just a tiny bit overgrown hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

unnamed (26)

Olly is joining us again for a few weeks, yipee!!! Welcome back to our big black panther….who is indeed a total pussy cat ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wintson is photo-bombing Ollys shot here hehehe!

unnamed (43)

The lovely Miss Jess is away for her holiday and so had her last walk with us this week. Boo…..Have a great holiday Jess and we will see you in a month xxxx

unnamed (29)

Fridays lunch walk with all the big boys (and girl ;)…) and wee-man Hector who is helping me keep them in line for the photo lol ๐Ÿ˜€

unnamed (38)




Summer weather!

Well we have had the two most opposite weathers possible these last two days! Pouring rain and then blazing sunshine!

Time for the photo medley!

Don’t make us go outside today Andie, we can hear the rain!! No don’t try and pretend its nice outside, don’t you know we can hear sounds at a much higher frequency over a much greater distance than humans!? We can hear each massive raindrop as it falls!! We aint leaving this sofa!!

unnamed (6)

Wet, wet, wet!!

unnamed (10) unnamed (11)

And then……22 degrees sunshine!!

unnamed (16)

Gus checking out the hotties from his shotgun seat, like a boss! (don’t worry worry-warts he is wearing a doggie seatbelt.)

unnamed (7)

Take me to the river…

unnamed (8)

Phew its dalm hot!! Time for a wee break in the shade.

unnamed (9)

Oh flower of Scotland….

unnamed (12)

Chase me Andie!!!

unnamed (14)

Everyone meet Hamish!! Little Hamish is a sweet terrier cross who is a new flexi-walking client. He had a great first day with us, loves chasing balls and his new mate Kobi!!

unnamed (18) unnamed (19)

River monsters!

unnamed (15)

unnamed (21)ย unnamed (20)

One little one of Maud and Miss Molly I forgot from last week! Maud is joining us tomorrow for a sneaky walk though, whoopee!!!!!

unnamed (22)

More rain…and ‘The Dude’

Spoke too soon at the weekend, boy did we get wet today!! And muddy, no I mean seriously muddy!! I had to take Winston and Rocket-Dog swimming after the second walk as they were so muddy I couldn’t see how I would even get them from my front door to the bath tub without leaving a trail black sludge behind us!

This is little Murphy folks (say ‘Hi’) who is with us for just four short days. There is no other way to say this, Murphy is ‘The Dude’! He is literally the coolest little dog. Sat shotgun with me, slotted right in with the pack cool as a cucumber, off lead straight away, speaks perfect English….Not a dog, a wee-man in a dog suit.


Check out the swagger…

‘Bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do, when they come for you, bad boys,bad boys…’


I am very happy to finally be able to introduce Tillie! Tillie will be joining us every couple of weekends when her Mum has to work. She is a delight, four stone of sweetness, my goodness I love Bulldogs!!! I simply cannot wait for her to meet Maud-monster!!

P1210796 P1210799 P1210802 P1210805 P1210807 P1210808

Raar!! Tillie incoming!!


Get this Gus..and then the guy said, ‘Aren’t Bulldogs supposed to be dangerous?’



Kiss me quick! ๐Ÿ˜€

P1210812 P1210816 P1210817 P1210824

The magnificent Flying-Frenchie!ย P1210826
Ruben and Rocket-Dog playing chase, Ruben so happy to have another youngster who will run around daft with him!
P1210832 P1210828 P1210835
Ruben, King of the mountain!P1210838 P1210840ย ย P1210845 P1210847
Already soaked, now just need to add some mud!
P1210850 P1210848
Actually we have changed our minds, we are not wet enough…

…that’s ok, this GIANT puddle should do the trick!

P1210853 P1210855
Snuggles and jumpers at home. ๐Ÿ™‚
P1210791 P1210795

Need for Speed…

Some days you just get the feeling its a lucky day for taking good photos. When that happens I take LOADS! hehe…

Hugo is all healed and returned to us today for his first walk with the group in two weeks. His mum did warn us prior to picking him up that our resident ‘Rocket-Dog’ is probably going to be turbo charged!!! Hmmm, I dunno…looking at that ever so slightly hyper expression before the walk… ‘What do you think Hugo?’

‘Well Auntie Andie, I FEEL THE NEED FOR SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!’







P1210698 P1210705

Half an hour later (no joke!) ‘Pant, pant,pant…. ‘


‘Ok, I feel normal again now.’


Murphy and Ella posing for treats…

P1210695 P1210703

Honda and his buddy Smudge. Considering Honda kinda wanted to eat Smudge at first (‘He’s one of those curly-haired rabbits right?’) these guys have come a long way and are great pals. Trust and friendship between dogs, exactly as it does with people, just takes time. The one major difference is that dogs hardly ever hold a grudge.


An afternoon of Bulldogs and Terriers… and one baby Boxer ๐Ÿ˜‰


My wonderful Frenchie duo xXXxx

P1210713 P1210714 P1210715

LOVE this photo, so happy I managed to snap it!


Kobi and Ruben’s friendship is coming along brilliantly. It gives me such joy to watch a relationship between dogs develop and blossom over time. What makes it so funny is that they are VERY similar personality wise, yetย Ruben is about a year behind Kobi in doggie manners! I have to laugh as the stuff Ruben does which Kobi finds annoying (barking to get him to play, ‘paw-punching’ etc) , is exactly what he used to do to other dogs when he was younger! The shoe is on the other foot now heheย ย ๐Ÿ˜‰
Ruben is all about Kobi on the walk, he is like a little brother desperate to please so that he is included in the game! There are four other dogs on the walk and yet Ruben instinctively knows that Kobi is the energy he wants to be around most. From my point of view I am delighted that Ruben has chosen Kobi as his mentor, Kobi is one bomb-proof Frenchie! Perfect recall, perfect with all dogs he meets, perfect with all people. He has any more great attributes and is just in general is a brilliant dog for Ruben to learn from. With help and guidance Ruben is slowly but surely getting there and it shows through clearly on days like today when Kobi spends more time playing chase and ball games with Ruben, making him one happy puppy.

P1210723 P1210725 P1210721P1210728

Gus and Wee-man have only one thing on their minds, TREATS!!!ย P1210724P1210726P1210727

Maud photo bombing hehehe…

P1210720ย ย 

Happy walk, happy dogs, happy me…


Bring on the sun…

Catch up from the weekend…

Molly and Elvis enjoying the woods on a Sunday morning.

P1210526 P1210528 P1210529 P1210530 P1210533 P1210535 P1210537 P1210539 P1210540 P1210541

More sunshine today and lots of ball games…


How handsome is Ruben becoming! Starting to loose his baby face, just a wee bit. Still a ways to go though, its great seeing him grow and mature.

P1210548 P1210550

Check out Winston’s epic skid mark, yes it was worth it, he got the ball! It was honestly like six foot long, so worth a photo. Booboo was so proud!




Gus having a little maddy with his tongue out…

P1210554 P1210560

They always manage to find the only puddle in the field to wade in….I’m telling you its a crazy skill my munchkins have…

P1210564 P1210565

Pretty girl…

P1210567 P1210568

Molly and Maud-Monster playing chase. Maud is one healthy Bulldog keeping up with a Retriever and a Cocker Spaniel, makes me so happy to see. Every Bulldog should be able to run, exercise and play like this. I love the breed, but hate seeing the ones that cannot walk far or run because they are too heavy, short legged or have breathing problems (amongst other hereditary issues) . Maud is one of the best examples I have ever seen, she may never be a fly-ball champion but she is most definitely happy and healthy. Her breeder should get a medal.

P1210570 P1210572

Muchos fun being had all round!


Maud sandwich…


Louis wades in…


Raaar!! ๐Ÿ˜€


Sunshine is awesome, keep it coming please!!