Cute portrait day…

The weather was gorgeous again today, and we took full advantage πŸ™‚ We met loads of lovely doggies and owners at The Dell and everyone had a good romp, swim and sniff!

I also managed to get quiet a few lovely portraits today πŸ™‚ I have grouped them together at the bottom of this post! Enjoy folks πŸ˜€

Group paddle…



P1170632 P1170634 P1170636 P1170642Β 

Maud and Winston play snatchy face…

P1170648 P1170657

Hamish is not above getting his paws wet!

P1170658 P1170664

And now for the portraits!



P1170665 P1170667 P1170668 P1170670


One more for luck…

It is once in a blue moon that I take six dogs instead of the five out with me on a walk, but as I know this crew like the back of my hand and trust them completely I knew it would be hugely beneficial for Blue to have a pack walk with them all and experience the company of calm balanced adult doggies. We had a great walk!

Cocoa’s crazy ball face falling off the end of the photo!P1170613

Blue rampaging… πŸ˜‰

P1170614 P1170615 P1170616 P1170623 P1170622

The six water dogs… πŸ™‚

P1170620 P1170625 P1170626

Hugo and Blue…

We have Β two new friends this week, Hugo and Blue. Hugo very much enjoyed running around with my two on Saturday and was more than content to be anywhere, so long as it was right beside John and I haha πŸ˜‰ We look forward to seeing him again soon πŸ™‚

Blue is with us for the week. He has settled very well though as a seven (and a 1/2!) month old this big lad does come with some challenges! So far we have concurred his anxiety about the car which is super fantastic. When I picked him up on Sunday he would drag on the lead, pulling away from the car and when actually in the car would pace and shake. So we spent the day on Sunday working on that and only three days later he hops in the back no bother, sits or lies down calm and relaxed, and Β also now waits patiently when I open the boot until he is invited out. What a clever boy! This afternoon he was sound asleep in the boot with Molly, I am so happy he has realized that the car is a safe place with a nice walk usually at the end of it!

We still have bits and pieces to straighten out (walking on the lead is improving everyday after the initial sled dog pulling….) but as the week progresses Blue is proving he has the intelligence and the willingness to learn, if a little pig-headed at times! He is certainly reminding me of a certain squishy Gus in his adolescence…..I am working on my saint like patience again! Teenagers…..

Hugo and his awesome hair!

P1170571 P1170569

Enjoying the sunshine on Saturday evening….

P1170572 P1170574

Hmm…whats in here?

P1170575 P1170588 P1170594 P1170595 P1170590

In bed with ALL the blankets hehe!


Action shot of Blue in the woods:)

P1170602 P1170610

Molly, Blue, Hamish and Hector having a good sniff around…


These faces say it all, biscuit pleeeeeeease!


All tuckered out after a day of walking and socializing πŸ™‚ Ready for another walk Blue?

…no answer….