It was a fantastic sunny day yesterday, if you took away the freezing wind one could almost remember what it was like in the summer….almost haha!

The morning sun streaming through the trees at Cammo Estate…


Archie, Geena and Smudge have only one thing on their minds…BALL TIME!!!P1210219  P1210222

Ella looking very happy that she has managed to nick the ball for once… 😀P1210225 P1210226

The snowdrops are out! Can’t resist a little photo opportunity…P1210235


How pretty!!


All together now…


It was very windy up on the hill this afternoon but the sun was still keeping us company!P1210242

Happy pink tongue faces 🙂


Looking out over Arthurs Seat…P1210245

Having a quick drink from the rock pools…our secret source of fresh water at the top 😉P1210246 P1210249


No one does glittery ‘biscuit-eyes’ like the Wee-Man…P1210252 P1210250 P1210251


Welcome Louis!!

Happy Monday! (as they seem to love to say on the radio…) Aww come folks its not all that bad! At least it didn’t rain today :/ We were all prepared on this morning walks to get soaked by another mega downpour, but it never came! Still it was a thrill to see everyone in their matching jackets!

This is Ruben’s, ‘Hey! Why have we stopped??’ face…


Bound, bound, bound…




Rascal face…


Yey, we are glowing! Rave on…P1210076 P1210077

Elvis and Gus looking ready for hometime and a nap 😉P1210078

Such a good photo! Chums…P1210079 P1210080 P1210082

Today we had our last newbie start with us before we finally closed the books for new clientele. (Thats it we are full guys!)  I would like to introduce Louis! Louis is a Labradoodle who up close looks very like none other than our lovely Ella! But a boy, and bigger, and chocolate… 😉 Louis did very well on his first day, we did some lead work then off-lead work where Louis could really show off his speed and his recall abilities! Happy first day Louis!


Jumping over Maud!


Investigating a strange smell!P1210086

Louis with the gang, Archie, Colin and Maud. Wee-man Hector didnea want to be in the photos today. He had better things to do 😉


Friday already!?

First week of 2014 has gone very quickly! So happy to see all my wonder puppies again, I had some super enthusiastic kisses from Archie and Gena when I saw them yesterday which was wonderful! Honda is also a fan of the chocolate duo, who wouldn’t be!



Ella’s one eyed pirate impression! Oo-arrr!

P1200780 P1200781

Gena loves ball chasing, can you tell?

P1200785   P1200784

We had just a little shower when out on the Friday lunchtime walk, we all took it in our stride though. Some doggies (ahem, Maud) actually revel in the mud….which you will see below!

‘Can I have a shot of your ball Winston?’




The one muddy puddle in the field, Maud just has to have a wade…part dog, part hippo!


Christmas countdown….

EEP!!! Nearly Xmas!!! Yes, yes I am a massive kid….don’t judge me haha 😉 Here are just a few photos from the last few days walks. I have not been taking a lot of photos recently as I am saving up quite a bit of video footage for a special Four Seasons Dog Walking Christmas video instead. It’s gonna be awesome, I’m pretty excited about it so watch this space!

Today we said goodbye to the lovely Geena and Archie who’s mum and dad returned from their trip. We had all grown so used to their lovely labrador cuddles, it seems so quite tonight with just my two! Just as well I will see them for their walk on Friday hooray!! 😀 I never have to miss them for long!


Maisie met Molly this week for the first time. They took about half a second to decide that they were going to be BFF’s!! Honestly they were rediculous together, best BEST friends haha! More of that in the upcoming Xmas video!







Introducing Honda…

YES!!!! I have finally managed to fix my blog, thank goodness for that!! Here is a catch up of the last few days. I am also very happy to introduce the latest Four Seasons crew member, Honda! Honda is a nine-year old Greyhound and a complete sweetheart. Like most sight hounds he is required to were a racing muzzle, this is in no way an indication of his nature. He is used to wearing his very snazzy blue muzzle and is completely at ease with it. He loves cuddles and affection and we are very happy to have him as part of the team. Welcome Honda!








P1200345     P1200357


The Maud-Squad…



My time with Archie and Gena is coming to an end and I will be so sad when it does! It has been a pleasure staying with them, as you can see they are a real handful…not 😉 Snuggle munchkins!!


‘There was four in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over…’