‘What can I say, Andrea is amazing with our pooch Smudge! From being completely reliable and trustworthy, to the simple fact I think Smudge likes her more than me sometimes! Would recommend her 100% and have already done so! Smudge’s behaviour has improved tenfold, and we work together with commands so that he is following them even when I say them! Any issues I have had with his behaviour she has helped me with some one-on-one training and I am proud to say we have a well-behaved pup. On the odd occasions Smudge has had a little health problem she has been a star and always lets me know if she notices anything I haven’t and will put my mind at ease when I freak out about something I do notice! I honestly couldn’t recommend Andrea any higher, we have tried doggy day care centres and just prefer the personal touch she brings to her job. We love her and whats more is, Smudge does, and if he is a happy little chappy then so are we!’  –Lucy Dunlop


We have known Andie for a couple of years now and it is safe to say that we could not recommend her more highly, both as a dog walker and general doggy guru!
It is so great to know that we can leave Cocoa with someone we trust completely, whether for a walk or to stay with when we go on holiday, I’m never worried and Andie always puts loads of pics up so we know Cocoa is perfectly happy! She absolutely adores Andie and the wee pack Andie looks after and usually comes back a bit better behaved as an added bonus!
Xxx – David and Victoria Robertson

P1150087 (Cocoa Bean)

We cannot recommend Andrea highly enough. When Maud started at Four Seasons I presumed we would just be getting a dog walking service but we have received so much more. She is so kind and patient with Maud (and me!). She has trained Maud to show good manners and the socialisation has been wonderful. Andrea also offers fab extra services such as extra hours onto the walk if we are busy with work and is always available to answer general dog queries. As an inexperienced dog owner her reassurance and knowledge have been indispensable. Maud is so happy and calm with Andrea and we get some lovely pictures as well through her useful blog and website. Andrea is completely reliable and goes far beyond in terms of her care for Maud. I have recommended Andrea to friends in the past and would definitely continue to do so. – Claire Dancer

P1220237 (Maud)

‘When I decided that it was time for me to go back to work, my biggest worry was getting a dog walker for my 1 year old cockerpoo, Ella, who from birth was a very shy little puppy. I came across Andrea’s advert on Gumtree and when we met up for a walk and a chat I knew that the Four Seasons set up would be just right. 

Andrea is very reliable and attentive. She is very good at getting to know all of the different personalities of her dogs and knows exactly how to look after them from the quiet ones like Ella to the extrovert members of the pack. Ella has gained so much confidence and just adores going out on her walks with the others.  And I know that when Ella is out, she is being really well cared for.
An added bonus is that Andrea posts photos and videos of her walks on her Facebook page which we all enjoy looking at in the evenings.’  – Lindsey Young
IMG_7451[1] (Ella)
“I must have looked at 20 or so dog walking business before finding Andie’s website (via happy clients’ facebook comments) and I knew instantly that this is where I wanted our much loved and horribly spoilt rescue lab Winston to go for flexi daycare- small groups, professional service , total transparency through blog and facebook and most of all lead by the wonderful doggie ‘guru’ Andie. Her love for dogs and knowledge is evident to anyone meeting her on a walk with her little ‘gang’. No matter the temperament, breed, or age – all dogs respond to and benefit from her attention and gentle guidance. Winston is one of Andie’s flexi clients. This means, he joins walks on different days and thus with different groups. The fact that any ‘dog combination’ works without any problem, is testimony to Andie’s expertise in socialising dogs and making them feel comfortable with each other and their surroundings. I know that whenever I have any problems (teenage lab anyone ? ..) or questions, Andie is my first port of call and I always walk away comforted and with new ideas. Winston has many fans who would love to take him when we go on holiday but I would never consider giving him to anyone but Andie. Checking that she is free is now the first step of any holiday booking. She has become an irreplaceable part of our family ‘pack’ and is loved ad cherished by us all. Any more doubts, I’ll invite you to come and watch Winston being picked up by Andie … it’s a love fest. There might even have been the occasion when Winston tried to climb through a car window to get to her, but that’s another story … “ -Sophie and Tim Arnold

unnamed (95) (Winston)

Archie and Geena, our chocolate Labradors, have a favourite auntie who they see once a week. Andie is not just their dog walker, she is their best friend. We know that she really cares about all the dogs in her charge and knows all of their personalities. She is knowledgeable and treats each of them as an individual.

She is 101% trustworthy, and even moved into our home to look after Archie and Geena when we went on holiday to New Zealand. We were able to relax and enjoy our break, as we were able to follow what was going on via her blog, knowing that they were getting the best of care. When we returned the dogs didn’t seem too bothered to see us, but kept looking to see where Andie had gone. Even now, when she comes to pick them up for their walk, they can’t control their excitement.

Andie has even taken Archie to the vet’s when he secretly managed to eat half a sack of dried dog food.

We think that anyone who gets Andie to walk or look after their dogs should consider themselves very lucky as she is one in a million.

Alison and Ray Twyford

kk (Archie & Gena)

In short; Andie has been a revelation. It isn’t just the fact that
the dogs receive a great walk, in some of the most dog friendly areas
of the city, it’s that Andie goes the extra mile to train the dogs.
Giorge’s behavior has improved greatly, especially his recall, which
used to be patchy in wide open spaces. The walks, swims and games are
undoubtedly enjoyed by the dogs, as Giorge is always happy and relaxed
in the evenings. In case you ever wondered what your dog was up to
during the day, Andie makes you feel part of the fun by taking
hilarious photos of the gang together. It makes it easier having to
leave Giorge for the day knowing that he’ll be meeting Andie and his
buddies come lunchtime. – Rees & Kate Hughes

IMG_7536[1] (Giorge)

Andie loves dogs – that is true!  Her love shines through her sweet relationship with Louis, our labradoodle. She started walking Louis when he was a cheeky adolescent.  Now, he’s almost 3 and Louis is a super laid-back labradoodle who looks forward to his engaging walks with Andie and the pack!  Thanks, Andie, love Louis xx – Leanne Gassert

unnamed (38) (Louis)

We have been customers of Four Seasons for about 18 months and we could not be more delighted with the service.  We chose Four Seasons because it was clear the dogs would get a proper walk (up a hill or along a beach) and we needed walks on a flexible basis and since then our super energetic Labrador –Retriever cross  Molly has got to hang out in Andrea’s pack at least once a week.  We know Molly loves her time with her friends because she goes bananas when she gets picked up and there have been a few occasions we have walk past Andrea’s car and she has tried to jump in!  We love seeing the photos of Molly having adventures with the pack and I bet Molly wishes it was every day!- Claire, Sean and Molly.

unnamed (48) (Molly)

Andie has been walking our dog Colin for over a year and a half and we couldn’t be happier with the service. She is very friendly but also professional and we know that Colin loves his walks with her and the pack. We are flexi customers and Andie can nearly always accommodate our requests. She is easy to get in contact with and we love being able to see and hear about the walks through the blog and Facebook page. The videos she has made of all the dogs she walks were very sweet too! We would definitely recommend Andie to new customers. – Sheena Hardie

IMG_9351[1] (Colin)

“The best place to find a dog walker is when out walking your dog. I met Andrea on Arthur’s Seat – it was a brief chat full of doggy-insight. She strode off purposefully, to return a dog to its home, and it’s testament that until that point I didn’t know she was a dog walker. Seeing her at work had me signing up for weekly walks – well not me, but the whippet with separation anxiety who’s grown in confidence thanks to Andrea, and continues to benefit from her advice to this first-time dog owner.” – Gill Booles
P1190680 (Lenny)
We’ve got a large and lively lab cross called Olly who loves going out for walks with Andrea and his doggie pals. She takes them out on fabulous long walks where they can work off their energy and play with the other dogs. He’s also been for sleepovers and a long holiday with Andrea too. Andrea was extremely patient with him, as it took a wee while for him to settle in to his new holiday home. It all worked out and he was a very relaxed and happy boy after his holiday. I have the utmost confidence in Andrea as she has a huge amount of experience and knowledge about dogs and a lovely way with them all.  Olly’s a big softie with a few insecurities which emerge every now and then and Andrea has always been extremely helpful in giving us advice on training him and sorting out any issues with his behaviour. For example he’s been afraid of going out in the dark and of approaching other groups of dogs.  We’ve learned it’s up to us to give him confidence and help him get over his insecurities. Who’d of thought it would be so complex having a dog!  We also love having a look at the photos on Andreas blog of what they’ve all been up to on their walks. – Debbie Watkins
 unnamed (45)(Olly)
‘Sometimes Andi must feel like my very own Dog Whisperer ……..any problems I have with Muzzy,I phone Andi 1st, and she always has the answer ……..Can’t recommend Andi highly enough she really is one in a million and I wouldn’t leave Muzzy with anyone else ……….Good luck in your new venture Hun ……love Nicky & Muzzy xxx’ – Nicky McIntyre
P1120533 (Muzzy)

‘Hi Andrea…we just wanted to say congratulations on making the dog sitting “hobby’ a proper business, we know how great you are with the dogs and how much they seem to love you!
You have looked after Marvin during our holidays during the last two years and we can honestly say that he does not want to come back in his own house or even say hello to us when you drop him back home…ungrateful little mutt….
As you know we really don’t want to leave him in a boarding kennel, he would probably die of heartbreak thinking he had been abandoned, and there are no close friends or family that live in in Edinburgh – even then we wouldn’t trust most of them to look after the dog! – and you are the only person that we would consider leaving Marvin with…apart from Jose, our Spanish friend but he has known departed Glasgow to live in Las Palmas….

Quite simply, No Andrea; No holidays for the humans!

Good Luck and lots of love x’

– Danny Tebb



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