The Home Team



Molly is my darling lead girl. She is a seven-year old Airedale Terrier. Molly is a rescue dog who had a bad start in life. Born into a concrete kennel where she spent the first three years of her life she had practically no knowledge of the outside world. When she first came to us she was incredibly anxious and had a list of fears as long as a ball of string! As soon as we brought her home to meet our other dog Gus it became evident that they were a match made in heaven.  They quickly became fast friends, and although people often comment on what a funny pair they make it has become obvious to us that this couple truly are star-crossed lovers! Gus’s typical Bulldog confidence had the most amazing impact on Molly in those early days, helping her to see that things were really not that scary after all. Gus’s example coupled with basic training, supported gradual exposure to the big bad world, regular exercise and of course a whole load of love, has changed Molly dramatically over the last three years. She is now a happy sociable girl who loves nothing more than to say ‘Hi’ to every single dog in the park!  Molly is now so well-adjusted to the greeting of new dogs that she works as my personal ‘Dog-O-Meter’, letting me know how comfortable new dogs are when they meet for the first time. Molly’s recovery and continuing progress stands as testament that with the right love and care, any dog can thrive and become a happy balanced individual.



Gus is our six-year old French Bulldog. What can I say, he truly is a real character! A real bulldog through and through and very much his own man. Nothing has ever fazed him, not even when he was a tiny puppy. Fireworks, lightning, traveling, hovers, hair dryers, meeting new dogs, meeting new people, you name it he took it all in his stride!  Frenchies make ideal companion dogs as their only true concern in life is being with their owners 24/7.  Gus is no exception, he would happily take on any job and go into any environment just so he could stay by my side. So strong is their drive to be with you that it can be a challenge teaching a Frenchie to feel happy and calm when being left on their own for any length of time. We worked especially hard with Gus from the get go to make sure that he did not develop separation anxiety when being left alone. Bulldogs of any description are not for the faint hearted and Frenchies are most certainly NOT lazy lap-dogs! They need strong confident leadership from their owners or you run the risk of them taking over your household! Gus loves his walks and can keep up with Molly when we climb Arthurs Seat. Gus remains resolutely about 90% trained, as do most Frenchies I know! Like Terriers their stubbornness and strong characters are part of the attraction. Gus loves playing tug of war with the other dogs and loves a good wrestle during which he makes a hysterical assortment of daft noises! He also really does think that Four Seasons Dog Walking is run by him!! He is loving, affectionate and his silly antics have us laughing daily.


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